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Do you think you’re hard? Do you think you’re perseverant, strong and determined? You can say and believe whatever you want, but you’ll need to prove it! The opportunity’s there for you. The track is difficult with lots of obstacles, but it’s an exhilarating feeling when you overcome your limitations and reach the finish line.


Small, big, pedigree or mix? Doesn’t matter as long as it’s a dog. The point is that you love and respect your dog and dogs in general, for we passionately stand by them.


This race is not just about you or your dog, it’s about your ability to cooperate. If you participate in HDR, you can find out what the two of you can achieve as a team.

A day with dogs: for them, for us

We know what it means when six legs move, two hearts beat in unison and we share a single victory. We want as many of you as possible to experience this feeling. Therefore, we have experts at our races who provide free advice so that your beloved pet will have a more content life. You can’t possibly learn too much about this. There also can’t be a race without a dog adoption event. It’s a noble thing to adopt a dog, and we provide you the opportunity for it. The rest is up to you!


You can’t start early enough!

2 kilometres, 8 obstacles for youngsters to public demand. Here, the kids also get a chance to experience the happiness of finishing the race with their four-legged friend at their side.


An introduction to the world of HDR

6 kilometres, 16 obstacles, an unforgettable experience in good company (your dog will be with you, after all), great fun, challenge and the pride you feel at the end – all these await those who take part in the race.


For hardcore duos

12 kilometres and 22 obstacles await the fanatical sport-enthusiasts, those who accept the even tougher challenge in order to push their abilities to their very limits. A greater challenge leads to a greater victory!


You think you’re tough?

20 kilometres, 28 obstacles. The other events aren’t exactly a walk in the park, but compared to the extreme challenges of the Brutal race, they may seem like that. The challenge is indeed brutal. Will you pass the test and cross the finish line? We’ll see in 2020…

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I was very happy about this initiative! The environment was wonderful, and no problems with the execution either. I’d like more of this, many times a year if possible.

Zoltán Csala
Zoltan Csala

It was a great experience, professionally organized. Very helpful, prepared attendants at every point. We got all the relevant information easily because of the ever-present staff.
The race centre was super creative, too! The first time a race is organized there are usually at least minor problems, there was none of that here.
See you next year!

Flora Dea

So far, the best race I’ve ever taken part in. Exciting, muddy obstacles, good atmosphere and a little bit of challenge that just made my relationship with my dog even stronger. I hope there’ll be a race every year! I’ll definitely attend.

Boglarka Nemeth

HDR’s dog equipment brand

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