Desired, yet unexpected success

On 1st October, 2016 things were going for us, for the first event of the Hard Dog Race. The warm autumn weather and the sunshine did a lot for the atmosphere, but it would have not been enough for success. On this day, everything came together perfectly and everyone was there: our brave supporters who put their trust in the race and made sacrifices for it; our curious, but resolute racers who happily jumped into the thick of things; and of course the dogs. Dogs everywhere and above all. For that was also what the day was about, that our wonderful companions deserve our love and respect, that they’re attentive and cooperative.

The results: 151 duos (one dog, one master) took part in the race. 57 women and 69 men did the solo challenge and 13 men and 18 women took part in five teams of six. Racers arrived from approximately 80 Hungarian towns but there were participants from Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland and Croatia as well. Our virtual race of “who travelled the furthest” was won by the racers from Zagreb.

Although they didn’t participate, the members of the audience did a lot for the atmosphere as well. It wouldn’t have been the same without them. 450-500 guests and accompanying friends or family members attended the race at the motocross track in Piliscsév.

The framework for all this was provided by our crew of 80, among them 4 veterinarians.

We put together the track in 48 hours, from approximately 1.5 tons of steel and aluminium, moving around a few hundred kilos of earth and carrying thousands of litres of water to the location.

After the race we handed out prizes in 29 different categories, totalling at a value of ~1 million HUF.

That’s it for the time being. Oh yeah, and there’ll be more races, this much is for certain!

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