HDR Wild – 03.06.2017. – Vizslafotozas.hu

Congratulations for completing the Hard Dog Race! The weather was hot, but dogs and their humans alike did their best!

You can find all the pictures we made during the event below, sorted by the time they were taken. Hopefully you’ll find yourself, unfortunately I couldn’t be present everywhere even though we were there all day between 8AM and 7.30PM.


If you have questions or you wish to order a high-resolution picture (3000 px) without watermark, let us know (info@vizslafotozas.hu), you can purchase them for 1000 HUF/piece. The full amount goes toward
NEO Magyar Segítőkutya Egyesület. You may place your order by clicking the gallery link on the Vizslafotózás website.

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