Frequently Asked Questions

Before the Race Day

There’s no need for specialized training. If your dog is socialized, can climb stairs, can jump and run on a leash with you, everything will be just fine as far as the dog is concerned.
Of course. We think each and every dog is precious, regardless of its breed.
Yes, you can, size doesn't matter! However, keep in mind that you’ll be in a difficult situation if you run with a St. Bernard’s dog and you end up having to pick it up. In that case, you’d be better of with a dachshund.
Yes, but we don’t recommend it. If you don’t know a dog very well, it will be harder to predict its reactions.
We totally understand, where you're coming from, but looking at other obstacle races, Hard Dog Race isn't any more expensive than the rest (or is in fact much cheaper than some others). Furthermore, when organising Hard Dog Race, we invest as much money and effort into creating a safe racing environment for dogs as for humans. The obstacles you'll see here are like on no other race, because they're designed to be challenging for dogs too. At the end of the day we are proud to provide conveniences (e.g. showers, changing rooms, cloackroom, etc..) and lots of goodies for every single finisher (e.g. technical running t-shirt, dog toys,-cosmetics, -food samples and more).
Unfortunately no, there are a few safety reasons, why it's a bad idea. However if you feel up to the challenge, you can complete the race twice with one beloved pet at a time, like the badass you are!
Sorry to break it down to you, but that's the essence of the whole Hard Dog Race, one dog-owner and one dog, against everything, "Six legs, two hearts, one victory". But wait, a team of six (usually six runners and six dogs) can have maximum two people, who run without dogs (so six runners and four dogs). Disclaimer: runners participating without dogs will have their race timed, but the result will not be calculated into th team's result.
Officially, the minimum age limit for any dog is one year of age, but besides that, please just be reasonable and responsible when registering an older dog for the race.
Of course you can. When finalising your registrations you'll be able to open a list that shows all the rounds and available spots during the day (usually from 9AM to 5PM). Just make sure that you and your friend pick the same round and you're good to go 🙂
Minors that are at least 16 years of age can join the race, but only with a parental consent. Any children younger that, can come as spectator to cheer and enjoy the programs around the race.
There are a few options: 1. You may be allowed to run without your dog 2. You may be allowed to run with a different dog 3. You may transfer your pass to a friend freely 4. You may receive a VIP pass to any other future Hard Dog Race Either way, please make sure to contact us and explain your issue, we'll do our best to help you out 🙂
Of course, just log into the Registration Module, where you registered in the first place: and go to Step #5 to change it. If the wave isn't already full, it should go as easy as that. *However, please be aware, that any modification in your registration should be done 120 hours before the Race* Day
The only thing we'll send you is a Runner's Guide via email, which contains necessary informations regarding the race. Everything else will be given to you on the Race Day.
You guessed it right! We offer discount to Runners with a valid student ID (must be valid on the Race Day as well!). Just don't forget to indicate it in your registration and to bring your student ID to the Race and you'll be set 🙂 Disclaimer: discounts offered by Hard Dog Race do not stack.
Not just for members of the army! We offer discounts to service members and members of public safety (Police, Army, Disaster Prevention, Fire Departments, Volunteer Fire Departments, Anti-Terrorist Organisations, Law Enforcement, Tax and Customs offices, Ambulance, Civilian Police, Animal Rescue organisations, Environmental organizations). Just don't forget to indicate it in your registration and to bring your service ID to the Race and you'll be set 🙂 Disclaimer: discounts offered by Hard Dog Race do not stack.
With responsible ownership of dogs being part of our mission, it's no surprise really. Just don't forget to indicate it in your registration and to bring the adoption certificate to the Race and you'll be set 🙂 Disclaimer: discounts offered by Hard Dog Race do not stack.
Hard Dog Race provides accident insurance for every Runner. Besides that, the most basic health insurance you have will be just fine.

On the Race Day

Catering will be available on the Race Day, with plenty of options to choose from, including vegetarian dishes, and dishes with different types of meat.
Show up at least an hour before your wave starts! Of course, it’s best if you arrive earlier because preparation takes some time. If you bring a mobile kennel, it takes time to set it up, as well as getting from the parking lot to the registration desk. If you want to change your outfit for the race on-site, you may need to queue for a while at the changing room. If you accidentally miss your wave, it’s possible that you need to wait until the end of the day for the extra wave.
Certainly. Don’t expect hot closed showering facilities, however! We provide outdoor showers you can see at other obstacle races and beaches. You can also clean up your dog before you leave.
No problem. You can pick up your dog at any of your obstacles, thereby helping it. If you really can’t manage, you can go around the obstacle if you do 30 squats.
Unfortunately, no. Do we really have to explain why?
We believe you. However, the leash is necessary to guarantee the safety of every racer, including yourself.
We also like clickers and use them regularly. On the other hand, have you ever seen a hundred flamenco dancers clicking their castanets at the same time? Because that’s what it would be like if we allowed clickers. Instead of Spanish dancers, however, you’d only have a bunch of confused dogs.
No problem. You go in your own pace. The point is that you finish the whole race, because you can only get the medal – and feel the pride – if you cross the finish line. There is no time limit though.
We wouldn't call them elite waves, but the first two waves of the Race Day are always for the fittest and most determined, so they can run the best time possible.

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